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Young Psychotherapy & Wellness offers psychology-related services in Beverly Hills, Playa Vista, and virtually to patients in the the greater California and Washington DC areas. I specialize in treatment for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues, premarital counseling, marriage counseling, divorce counseling, and dyad counseling with non-romantic relationships. I encourage you to take an important step for your life by contacting my office. I will assist and support you to reach your full potential and be able to enjoy a more desirable quality of life through gaining insight, support, guidance and treatment.


I can help with your scheduling needs. To schedule a visit or for additional information, please call at 202.780.9105. Please notify me 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee. I will gladly reschedule your appointment at the earliest available time.

Client Convenience

  • Priority scheduling
  • I offer morning, lunchtime, and evening appointments Monday through Thursday
  • I accept cash, checks, cash transfer applications, major credit cards, &  Health Savings Account cars via Ivy Pay
  • Virtual concierge sessions occur via, a HIPAA compliant platform


I hope you realize and appreciate how many people’s lives that you change for the better and how many souls you empower for good. I am so thankful to have stumbled into your office as a puddle of a person when I did a couple of years ago.

Thank you for giving me the skills to analyze and pursue what honestly feels like the best version of my life to date.

Dr. Young saved my life. I was struggling emotionally while in my grad school program, when I met her. I was a mess trying to hold it together and perform academically, while my psychiatric medications were providing little relief. After meeting with me and inquiring about my concerns, Dr. Young shared that she questioned my longstanding diagnosis (and thus medication). She spoke with my psychiatrist and with a new, accurate diagnosis, I started a new regimen and it felt like a was looking at the world completely differently. I had been living with that misdiagnosis for years. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to her.

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