Concerns & Conditions

I have the training and experience working with a diverse clientele treating an array of issues and disorders. I welcome clients of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, cultures and sexual orientations. I am a relationship expert, specializing in interpersonal psychotherapy including and extending beyond the romantic relationship. I provide short and long-term psychotherapy based on the needs of the individual or relationship. My clients present with a range of concerns including but not limited to:

Mood and Anxiety Disorder

General Anxiety
Emotion & Mood Regulation
Loneliness & Isolation
Bipolar Disorder

Relational Concerns

Relationship Issues (Communication; Conflict; Infidelity; etc.)
Dysfunctional Familial dynamic
Unhealthy Eating/Food Relationship

Identity Issues

Gender Identity issues
Racial Identity & Relations
Life Transitions
Career/Academic issues
Lifestyle Therapy
Imposter Syndrome