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To support clients to lead more fulfilling lives by helping them become better people, professionals, and partners. Young Psychotherapy & Wellness believes that support should speak to you. As a result, a tailored therapeutic approach to best fit client’s needs and personality are curated.

Dr. Jamila Young

As a licensed clinical psychologist, and founder of Young Psychotherapy & Wellness, I support individuals and couples with a variety of concerns. Due to the global pandemic, conservative safety measures are being taken and as a result sessions are occurring virtually. My concierge virtual practice allows my busy, highly productive clients the convenience of uninterrupted support regardless of their physical location. I believe that a collaborative and supportive relationship between therapist and client is essential for therapy to be successful. With the right therapist, it can be an opportunity to learn more about yourself, relieve distress, and enrich your life.


is used to increase self-awareness, minimize distress and enhance quality of life. I treat individuals with a number of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, life transitions, sexuality or sexual orientation issues, and more.


serves to address a variety of concerns such as improving communication, establishing a more meaningful connection, managing separation/divorce, infidelity, and coping with life transitions (e.g., marriage or family planning). Couples often come to therapy feeling a lack of intimacy and connection and/or misunderstood by their partner. We work to recognize and alter the causes of communication impasses and disconnect. The focus is on the relationship and serves to deepen personal understanding and growth.

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is similar to couples therapy in it also addresses concerns such as improving communication, decreasing and resolving conflict, and establishing a more meaningful connection. The difference between couples and dyad therapy is that the dyad is not in a romantic relationship (e.g. mother-daughter; sibling-sibling, etc.). One or both members of the dyad often feel misunderstood by their counterpart. We work to recognize and alter the causes of communication impasses and disconnect, as well as adjust the nature of the dynamic when necessary. The focus is on the relationship and serves to deepen personal understanding and growth.

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Concerns and Conditions

I have the training and experience to treat an array of issues and disorders. I am a relationship expert, specializing in interpersonal psychotherapy including and extending beyond the romantic.

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I integrate multiple treatment models, including interpersonal, cognitive behavioral, humanistic, and mindfulness based approaches. I’m interested in gaining an understanding of you as a whole person. I believe in the importance of building on your strengths and uniqueness as a means of helping you achieve personal growth.

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I hope you realize and appreciate how many people’s lives that you change for the better and how many souls you empower for good. I am so thankful to have stumbled into your office as a puddle of a person when I did a couple of years ago.

Thank you for giving me the skills to analyze and pursue what honestly feels like the best version of my life to date.

Dr. Young saved my life. I was struggling emotionally while in my grad school program, when I met her. I was a mess trying to hold it together and perform academically, while my psychiatric medications were providing little relief. After meeting with me and inquiring about my concerns, Dr. Young shared that she questioned my longstanding diagnosis (and thus medication). She spoke with my psychiatrist and with a new, accurate diagnosis, I started a new regimen and it felt like a was looking at the world completely differently. I had been living with that misdiagnosis for years. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to her.

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Confidentiality is fundamental to the nature of the services we offer. We strive to protect you and your personally identifiable information.

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