Before we meet, you may have a myriad of questions. Check out my FAQS to access answers to many common therapy questions. If you have more questions prior to our meeting, feel free to contact me via email: drjamilayoung@gmail.com or utilize the Contact Us form.

How much does therapy cost?

Individual talk therapy costs $250/session

Individual EMDR trauma therapy costs $350/session

Couples/Dyad talk therapy costs $325/session

Why the price difference?  Couples and dyad talk therapy appointments last longer and require more work as compared to individual talk therapy. EMDR therapy is not traditional talk therapy; EMDR sessions last longer and are more laborious than traditional talk therapy sessions (~90 minutes versus 45-50).

Can I use my insurance benefits?

The short answer is potentially. 

I am not a participating provider on any insurance panels. However, many health insurance plans will reimburse for some portion of the “out-of-network” outpatient psychotherapy fee. If you plan to use your insurance, I will provide the necessary documentation to help you receive your entitled benefits. Please keep in mind that you (and not your insurance provider) are ultimately responsible for full payment of my fees.

It is very important that you find out exactly what mental health services your insurance policy covers; I am happy to assist in you acquiring this information. This includes whether your plan allows you to go “out-of-network”, your annual deductible, and the portion of fees the plan will reimburse after the deductible is met.

How often do we meet, and how long are therapy sessions?

I usually meet clients weekly when we start our work together, however this is flexible and for economic and/or time availability issues I have started work with clients meeting every other week.  Oftentimes clients graduate from weekly sessions to bi-weekly, to once monthly check ins. In extenuating circumstances, I can meet with clients more than once weekly.

Individual therapy sessions are 45-50 minutes long.  Couples/dyad therapy sessions are 110-115 minutes in length.

How long will I need to be in therapy?

Unfortunately, there is no algorithm that will allow us to appropriately calculate how long you will be in therapy to experience its therapeutic benefits for your concerns.  Length of treatment is dependent upon many variables to include type of concerns, severity or concerns, the longstanding nature of your concerns, etc. Once I garner knowledge of your specific concerns, I can inform whether short-term or long-term treatment is recommended.  

Do you prescribe medication?

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I cannot prescribe medication, as I do not have the credentials or proper education to do so.  I am familiar with most if not all psychiatric medications that are prescribed and have a network of well-respected psychiatrists whom I refer to for medication management for clients when relevant.